• Far Cry 6 Preview
    As a newcomer to Far Cry, I’ve always viewed it as over the top chaos and — at this point —a series that’s in need of a win as many feel its best may be behind them. After 4 hours of Far Cry 6 I feel more confident that this’ll serve as a fun entry […]
  • Straylight Preview
    Leaping across the cosmos may be comfortable in Straylight but its take on first-person VR platforming happens in a void, devoid of intrigue.  Straylight is a platformer but not in the way you might expect. You’re not really jumping; instead, you’re using a tether, whip-like device to swing across blue star dots. You dual-wield two […]
  • A Long Journey to an Uncertain End Preview
    A team needs to connect beyond the task at hand to really get a job done, long term. It’s not enough to be invested in the gig at hand, you also have to be invested in each other. Similarly, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End will likely live or die on how much I […]